A process of embarking on a soul-refreshing & empowering journey Soul Rejuvenation

We provide our clients with a well-judged, supportive, and safe environment in which to explore their higher-self qualities and become conscious of their spiritual advancement. We offer an all-encompassing approach to wellbeing that includes yoga movements, ancient meditation techniques, chakra and aura cleansing, balancing, and uplifting sessions, as well as helping our customers through their mind’s journey with peace and tranquility.

Prasenjeet Paul

Founder, Counsellor


What Service We Provide

Anxiety Reliving Workshop

Guided Wild Forest Walk

Stress & Anxiety Related Yoga & Meditation

Sound Healing Session 1 hour


Moringa : The miracle tree.

Podcast Discription

Only one plant in the world which have all the nutrients a human need for a healthy disease-free life

“There may be no other food plant which is equal or superior to “drumstick” in terms of its combination of nutritive, medicinal and disease preventive value, drought tolerance and ability to flourish on poor soils.” – USDA

Health benefits:

Cure and Prevent - Severe Arthritis where Knee/Hip replacement is the ONLY option, Diabetes, BP, Cholesterol, Cancer, Immunity Boaster, Blood Purifier, Whole body Detoxifier, All kinds of Male/Female disorders, All kinds of Skin problems, Hair-loss, etc., In short this can Cure and Prevent ALL Diseases (the list of diseases is really endless...) !!

” In this podcast I am just setting up the agenda of this project to understand the life as it is from every perspective to clear all kind of confusion about self, life, purpose of life, or even you don’t want to know anything about life, then also you must listen it, even if you think you don’t want to listen then also you must listen it and then take the decision of not listening or agreeing and disagreeing. Contact me at paulprasenjit21@gmail.com to discuss about any thing you want. I am always available 🙂 Enjoy life, its really beautiful when we look at it from Cosmic perspective. “

- Prasenjeet Paul

Observe your Thoughts and Feelings

Enhance Self-Awareness

Become fully engaged with the Present

Gain consistency in your Meditation Routine


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